About the REAL Trust

Who are we?

The REAL Trust we work with our member schools and other professionals to offer the best one-day or programmed courses available for our members. Our courses cover many different subject areas and we use only the best in the business to facilitate our sessions.

The REAL trust stands for Rochdale Education & Learning Trust so as you can imagine most of our courses are based here in Rochdale, which is conveniently located for anyone in the Greater Manchester area. This is where we have been based ever since our journey began back in 2002, although a lot has changed since then. We have recently moved into new premises which has given us the opportunity to expand our capacity and allow more of our valued members to participate in our sessions.

Our vision

We aim to provide schools with opportunities to renew, refresh, update and upskill all staff.

What makes us different?

There is plenty that sets us apart from the competition:

  • Our collaborative approach allows us to work with members to design and implement the best and most up to date training programmes available;
  • Our members enjoy unlimited access to all of our sessions and there are no limits to number of delegates on sessions;

Please see our Membership Page for more details on membership benefits.

What if you're not a member?

This is fine, we accept bookings from people all over the country that are not members of the Trust, it just means you have to pay the Non-members fee advertised on the course description. Click here for more information on how to go about booking if you're not a member.

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