An Introduction to Clicker 8 - DATE CHANGED FROM 12.10.21 TO 11.01.22

  • The full day course is intended for those who are new to Clicker 8 or have very limited experience of its use.

The course provides participants with hands-on training in the use and adaptation of Clicker 8 resources, relating this to supporting individual pupils and group/whole class activities. There will also be opportunity to explore the range of new features available within Clicker 8 and to look at add-on programs that can be used with the software.  Attendees will also learn how to access and use resources from the Internet.

Attendees can find out more about Clicker 8 from Clicker 8 | Crick Software

Attendees will require access to a computer with Clicker 8 software installed. A free 28 day trial of the software is available from Clicker - Free trial | Crick Software. This should be set up by attendees/school prior to the training. The computer should have video and sound facility.

  • Facilitator
  • Venue & Travel Information

Kerstin Obermann, Rochdale Additional Needs Service, Team for Physical Disabilities.

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

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