ECT Workshop - Developing skills in the effective management, deployment & support of your TA - DATE CHANGED FROM 02.11.21 TO 15.02.22

  • How to deploy your Support Staff to maximise their impact
  • Feel more confident in developing your own framework of management for your TAs
  • Formulate your own action plan to discuss with your mentors and to implement in school

It’s no secret that ECTs have lots to get to grips with. Coping with the demands of completing their probationary year to the required standards and meeting targets for the pupils they are teaching is not a piece of cake! Settling confidently into the exciting but huge responsibilities of driving the teaching & learning of their first class, understanding the development of the curriculum and assessment whilst also being scrutinised and being observed every step of the way is a big deal. It’s exacting on every level – academically, physically and emotionally. Teacher Training prepares new teachers to expect all of this as just par for the course – this is teaching after all!

What is often ECT generally included as standard for ECTs is course content related to the management of other adults working in their classrooms.  Most teachers are usually required to manage, deploy and support a Teaching Assistant and/or other adults in their classroom too. ECTs arrive ready to face the pupils primed with behaviour and classroom management strategies but what about the idea of also immediately assuming responsibility for another adult in your new classroom? Deploying, managing and supporting another teaching and learning professional to ensure impact, effectiveness and results for the pupils is an important aspect of being an effective 21st Century teacher. The development of harmonious relationships that are mutually respectful whilst still acknowledging the differences in role and responsibilities is vital.  Learning how to develop these skills, respect the individuals you both are and utilise the experience and skills you both bring to the class is another important aspect of learning how to run an effective and happy classroom. Partnerships between teachers and TAs have been researched widely and found to be highly successful where there is communication, cooperation and high levels of personal effectiveness in the use of intrapersonal skills. Harnessing the enormous potential of support staff is one of the keys to ECT success and achievement. Maximising the impact that TAs can have on pupil learning is highly dependent on how they are used in the classroom and the level of preparation that they experience in partnership with their teachers is highly important

So, this workshop has been designed to support ECTs to consider how they can best begin to do this. You will leave feeling more confident in developing your own framework of management for your TAs which fully supports you in the job you have to do but also respects the role and context of your support staff. The session will be a combination of activities, sharing with peers and also questions and discussions. Participants will also begin to formulate their own action plan to discuss with their mentors and to implement in school.

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Jane Walton, External Consultant, The TA Advisor

Jane Walton is known to most Rochdale schools and their staff, having been responsible for developing and managing training and qualifications for RMBC support staff, in both Adult Education and the School Improvement Service from 1998 to 2013.

Jane is now a free-lance trainer, developing and delivering bespoke training to schools around the North-West, West Yorkshire, the Midlands, and occasionally abroad.

A key feature of Jane’s work is in supporting CPD leaders as they find their way through the qualifications frameworks and access training and development that ties in coherently with their school development plan requirements. Her focus is on developing the “professional persona” of all support staff enabling them to view themselves as co-professionals with teachers and to have confidence in their role, context, responsibilities and abilities to enable and empower pupils to enjoy, achieve and succeed.

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