Looking After You (Secondary NQT Training Programme)

  • Refreshments from 3.30pm
  • Practical tips on how to take care of your most important resource – YOU!

The NQT Programme:

This programme is designed to complement any specific pedagogy CPL, professional and subject mentoring happening within individual schools.

It aims to provide relevant and high-quality CPL opportunities to develop and support the NQT, and support individual schools by reducing the amount of sessions they need to organise and so allow them to focus more directly on each individual’s classroom practice.

The programme also aims to encourage strong networking between new colleagues in Rochdale – and so providing another source of ongoing support through these early years of teaching. To this effect sessions are hosted at a range of different schools.

Each session is just an hour long (4-5pm) with strict start and end times to support well-being and workload. Refreshments are always available from 3.30pm

  • Facilitator
  • Venue & Travel Information

Helen Wilson (KPHS) & Helen Whittle (Hollingworth Academy)

Kingsway Park High School

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