Governor training – ‘Cared for and cared by – the school Governor’s role in the journey of a Cared for Child’

  • Jointly facilitated by our Principle Social Worker and our Virtual Head teacher, this session is a must for all Governors.


Most of our schools will have a Looked after Child (or ‘Cared for Child’ here in Rochdale) on their school roll at some point. Governors have a particular set of statutory duties in ensuring that these most vulnerable children get the quality of education that they so richly deserve.

This training session will give you all the background information you will need to discharge those duties, including the reasons why children come into care; an insight into the journey of how children come into care; the educational needs of Cared for Children, as well as an insight into how schools and Governors can help to meet those educational needs.

  • Facilitator
  • Venue & Travel Information

Christopher Tyler (Virtual Headteacher, RMBC)

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