Wellbeing for Education Return - Cohort 1 Session 1

  • Free training for all schools funded by the Department for Education and Department of Health and Social Care which has been developed with Mental health service providers in Rochdale.
  • The training will be delivered in x2 90 min sessions to your designated Mental Health lead in school via a virtual platform.

Wellbeing for Education Return seeks to better equip schools and colleges to promote children and young people’s wellbeing, resilience, and recovery in response to Covid-19. As well as strengthening and building wellbeing and resilience, this aims to prevent the onset of mental health problems and ensure those with pre-existing or emerging difficulties access the right support.

Training objectives and outcomes

The core training objectives identified for education staff are to:

  • • Increase knowledge of the potential mental health and wellbeing impact of Covid-19 on staff, children and young people, and parents and carers.
  • • Build understanding of evidence-based and straightforward responses and resources to support recovery.
  • • Develop knowledge to introduce school and college staff to evidence-based and straightforward resources and structures for dissemination to children and young people and parents and carers.
  • • Raise awareness of specialist and wider support services (statutory and independent) and when and how education professionals might signpost or refer children and young people, staff and/or parents and carers to them.

Your appointed Mental health lead will then be equipped with the resources to deliver to school staff. 



Cohort 1                        

Session 1  Weds 21st October      

Session 2   Weds 11th Nov


Cohort 2                        

session 1   Thurs 22nd October    

Session 2  Thurs 12th Nov

All sessions will run from 2.30pm-4.00pm.


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