The SEN process

The following advice and guidance notes may help if your child has SEN or you suspect that they do.

School based support - Identifying SEN

Early education settings and schools place great importance on identifying SEN early so they can help children as quickly as possible.  The school must tell you when they first start giving extra or different help to your child.

Statutory Assessment

In a small number of cases, the local authority may carry out a Statutory Assessment. You can request this assessment if you or the school think your child is still not making enough progress compared to other children the same age.


Depending on the outcome of the assessment, you will receive a proposed statement, followed by a final statement of SEN, which will detail the extra help that your child will receive. Or you'll receive a Note in Lieu if the authority feels that your child's needs can be met without a statement.

Co-ordinated support plan

A statement of Special Educational Needs is a legal document giving details of the Special Needs your child is considered to have and of the specific help that will be made available to them.

Coordinated Support Plan information

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