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Rochdale Education and Learning (REAL) Trust is a unique type of public service using new insights into old problems. We are keen to provide schools with motivational and pedagogical support so that, through this increased training and awareness of our school staff, we are able to make the education experience of our children and young people the best it can possibly be and ultimately bring about positive and long lasting change. By offering training that our members have requested we aim to provide schools with opportunities to renew, refresh, update and upskill all school staff by developing bespoke CPD and training packages for them all to be able to access at a vastly subsidised rate.


Schools pay an annual subscription to the REAL Trust, which then entitles all staff access to all the services the Trust provides. This includes professional development training and networking opportunities through a wide range of conferences and courses. Our work has gained national recognition and we are proud to share our successes and lessons learnt with you. The beauty of the REAL Trust is that we reflect the real deep-seated beliefs and desires of educators.


For schools to source their own CPD opportunities can take time, and rates for individual delegates can be extremely high, often running into hundreds of pounds for a single day. Staff may also have to travel some distance to hear high profile speakers or attend the training events they require. The REAL Trust broker-in high quality providers to work with staff at a time and place to suit our members. In doing so, we can deliver much better outcomes for much lower costs, saving schools both time and money. A one-off subscription allows all staff to access a much broader range of quality-assured opportunities than the equivalent spend would provide if the school were to pay for staff to attend external events. As a charitable trust, we are able to access funding through applications to external funding agencies, locally, nationally and internationally. Our member schools are then able to directly benefit from the opportunities that these funds can provide. In addition to the existing programme, REAL Trust are also able to work with you to partially fund whole school insets at your request, subject to the allocation of some places to other member schools.


There are many benefits to subscribing to the REAL Trust. By investing in the REAL Trust you are also investing in your staff and the children and young people you work with. We will help you to ensure sustainable school improvement through sustainable professional development for all staff.



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