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Our annual membership for schools makes providing CPD training for teachers and governors easier than ever.

The Trust currently has over 90 member schools and this is increasing year on year. With the current budgets cuts by central government it's becoming increasingly important for schools to find ways to save money without losing out on quality. CPD is important in any profession - whether you're an experienced teaching, support or office staff it ensures you are stay competent in your role and it allows you to keep up with new practices and legislation changes. 

By becoming a member of the REAL trust you can save time and money by buying in to an all-inclusive package which allows your staff access to all out events*. The Trust has been operating for 15 years, since 2002, and so we have developed out systems and programmes with schools in mind. Our system allows School Staff access to all their CPD records and CPD Coordinators will have access to the full schools CPD logs throughout the year, this could come in handy for your management reports or when inspections arise.

Our membership rate start from just £750 and is based on pupil numbers. Below you will find some benefits to becoming a member. If you have any questions or would like to check how much membership would cost for your school then please contact us by phone, email or by filling out the contact form below and we will responds as soon as possible.

*Please note a select few courses incur additional costs but are heavily subsidised.

School Membership starts from

just £750


Why join us?

  • Save Time

    For schools to source their own CPD opportunities can take time. We make providing CPD training fast and easy. Using our website, staff can enroll themselves onto courses or you can appoint a CPD leader to enroll staff on their behalf. Your CPD leader can also approve and reject self-enrollment requests.

  • Save Money

    Rates for individual delegates can be extremely high, often running into hundreds of pounds for a single day. Staff may also have to travel some distance to hear high profile speakers or attend the training events they require. The REAL Trust broker-in high quality providers to work with staff at a time and place to suit our members.

  • Unlimited Courses

    An annual subscription to the REAL Trust entitles all staff to access all of the services the Trust provides. This includes professional development training and networking opportunities through a wide range of conferences and courses.

  • Reporting

    Our reporting tools available to staff and CPD leaders make reporting quick and simple. Users can generate reports detailing staff who attended our courses, when they attended and what course for internal monitoring and inspections.

  • Award-winning

    Our work has gained national recognition and we are proud to share our successes and lessons learnt with you.

  • Informed by you

    By offering training that our members have requested we aim to provide schools with opportunities to renew, refresh, update and upskill all school staff by developing bespoke CPD and training packages.

More Information

For more information call us on 01706 926 708 or email

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