How to book on if you're not a member?

Non-members are welcome to book on our sessions

If you're school isn't a member of the Trust then you can still book on to any number of our sessions by paying a one-off fee. The fees are displayed in the course detail pages and are payable in a number of ways.

How do we book on to a course?

Once you have selected a course you wish to attend you can click on the 'Book now' button. If it is your first time on the website and you haven't got a login you will have to register for an account, click the hyperlink and fill out the form using the 'External Delegate' for your school. Once this is done you can now log in and book on to a session. A confirmation email will be sent once you have completed this process but it's not finished there - A member of the REAL trust team will have to accept the booking and will invoice accordingly. Once an invoice has been issues and the booking has been accepted you will recieve another confirmation email.

How can we pay the invoice?

Once we have invoiced you we can accept payment in a number of ways - BACs transfer, cash, cheque. Unfortunately at the minute we can't accept card payments.

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