Writing Your School Self-Evaluation Summary 2020 - 2021

  • Would you like to secure the first draft of your succinct self-evaluation summary (SES formerly SEF) in a day? (5-6 pages) With a choice of new proformas.
  • This training has been re-written for 2020-21 taking into account our experience of inspections in the New Framework and will support leaders to write their NEW SES in a day!

This course has been re-written & updated since last year taking into account the NEW Inspection Framework from September 2019. The Focus of the SES writing session will be on developing leaders’ familiarisation with the new inspection judgement categories and writing the SES in a day, related to:

  • Quality of Education- Intent, Implementation & Impact
  • Behaviour & Attitudes
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership & Management
  • Early Years (Primary) / Sixth Form


During this training session, leaders will have the opportunity to ‘get a job done’ with the main focus of the day being to write the first draft of a succinct, evaluative and accessible SES covering all the relevant sections. With limited time to provide account for the impact of your work in your school to other leaders, governors and inspectors, this NEW ECM Self Evaluation Summary will be succinct and give clear account for your strengths, areas for development and, as a consequence, outline your Key Whole School Priorities for 2020-21.By the end of this course you will:

  • Choose from a selection of SES proformas to suit your school
  • Have the first draft of your entire succinct (5 or 6 pages), evaluative SES summary completed in the day;
  • Have defined a clear blue print for your whole school key priorities for 2019-20 linked to the five strands of the NEW Inspection Framework
  • Get the job done in a day!
  • Be able to offer succinct clarity to governors, external support & inspectors of your Whole School Strengths and Areas for Development
  • Be ready to write an accurate and highly effective School Development/ Impact Plan.
  • Facilitator
  • Venue & Travel Information

ECM Education

ECM Education Consultants are a well respected and reputable educational training and consultancy company, established in September 2010. The three directors John Evans, Phil Choi and Mark Mullin (ECM), completed their second headships in July 2010, having had extensive experience in education as Head Teachers, School Improvement Partners, Local Authority Advisors, Ofsted inspectors and NCSL Consultants. The ECM directors have also carried out Local Authority Advisory work and training, as well as support for schools in challenging circumstances, and are currently working alongside and supporting a large number of schools across the UK and abroad.

ECM Education Consultants and associates work alongside school leaders and staff to provide a wide range of bespoke guidance, support, coaching and training opportunities through our Leadership Partner role. ECM Leadership Partners will work with leaders to identify the school’s needs and implement strategies to improve school effectiveness and pupil outcomes.

ECM can work with schools to co-design a consultancy day or package based around the school’s own identified needs, and offer support and challenge for schools through the validation role of the Leadership Partner. This may include:

  • making accurate judgments through supportive self- evaluation;
  • identifying a bespoke strategy to improve pupil outcomes;
  • supporting the implementation of school improvement plans;
  • validating school's own judgements;
  • Headteacher Performance Management;
  • Governor training and support;
  • Teachers and teaching assistants;
  • Bursars and school admin support

ECM understand and appreciate the challenges and demands on Headteachers and Senior Leaders in schools, and as such, have devised a wide range of training and support materials that meet the needs of busy leaders, as well as giving excellent value for money. It is our core purpose to make sure that colleagues have the time and assistance to complete major tasks effectively and to a high standard, whilst maintaining an appropriate and positive work-life balance.

Our courses allow leaders to get a job done, reducing their list of tasks. In addition, our unique resources and materials support leaders to work more efficiently and effectively. ECM are working in partnership with a wide range of outstanding associates who are also able to offer high quality skills and expertise to meet the specific needs of all leaders.

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