Boost Your Bounce – Resilience – What it is and What it isn’t

  • Strictly one booking per school due to limited places
  • Audience: Headteachers and Senior Leaders
  • To cope and thrive, leaders need to be agile and resilient.
  • Resilience is more relevant than ever as we juggle work lives which are disruptive and ever changing with often increasing demands.

We will explore the latest developments in neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and resilience to help you enhance your own well-being, feel less pressured and facilitate resilience and well-being in your teams.

During the session you will:

• Surface and reflect on your current resilience level

• Understand the components of resilience

• Understand and be able to apply a gauge for measuring your resilience level so you know when to take action to protect yourself 

• Better understand how to build and boost your resilience level

• Craft an effective strategy to create a better, more integrated work-life balance/blend

  • Facilitator
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Rene Barrett

Rene is an independent development consultant, a fellow of the CIPD, with an MBA.  She has extensive understanding of the transformation and devolution agendas and the needs of practitioners across the public, education, police, health and voluntary sectors. She is also an Associate with North West Employers and The NHS North West Leadership Academy and a prime deliverer on current GM Leadership Programmes.

Rene’s previous experience includes being Director of Development at North West Employers, Assistant Director of HR with Salford Council and as Director of Learning for the GMB trade union. She has extensive employee relations experience and is regarded as a leading regional figure in relation to leadership and workforce development.

Rene supports public sector organisations both regionally and nationally in the diverse areas of leadership and management, workforce development, partnership working, action learning, and the development of creative problem solving skills. Increasingly she is working with clients, both individually and organisationally on building resilience and wellbeing.


Virtual Meeting via Zoom

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