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  • World Stories – a free online resource aimed at improving literacy and helping children to keep up in the classroom
  • Times Tables – supporting new arrivals to secure an understanding of multiplication
  • Choral responses – opportunity to support language development
  • Continuous provision and sensory boxes during COVID (not just aimed at Primary)
  • Art for induction – supporting your staff to use the resource


To support the virtual nature of the session we are asking people to do a couple of things in preparation:


World Stories

World Stories is a growing collection of 152 traditional and original stories from around the world representing the 21 most commonly spoken languages by children in the UK.  Please take a look at the website before the session.  You can access it HERE  There is no cost involved in signing up and using this site with you classes.


Times Tables

Please take a look at the file attached.


Art for Induction

This is an approach to support schools to meet some of the needs of International New Arrival and asylum seekers as they join our Rochdale schools.  The 15 minute training session will support a teacher or TA to deliver the resource.  Please can you watch the training resource (we have it with and without subtitles) before our session on the 11th.


Here is the version without subtitles: WITH SUBTITLES:


2020 – 2021 Meeting Dates:







  • Facilitator
  • Venue & Travel Information

Emily Humphrey & Erica Field (EMA Teaching & Learning Advisors, RBC)

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

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